PDAGD course is a professional diploma in advanced and general dentistry. This course will help you to understand the criticality of oral treatment. For this course, you need to have your typodont set. A wholly equipped dental simulation setup is provided to understand the course better. The highly qualified professors deliver all the lectures. These professors have national and international experience in the field of dentistry. PMC accepts all the provided content of this course. All the included workshops and CME credit hours are also authorized.

This professional diploma in advanced general dentistry covers a massive list of topics. The dental aesthetics include composite fillings, stamp techniques, enamel recontouring, bleaching, veneer & Lumineers, shade section, gingival depigmentation, and smile makeovers. It means the dental aesthetics will not only focus on a few basic things, but it will cover all the necessary and minimal points too. You will have the complete know-how about each and everything discussed above.

Other than dental aesthetics, you will also be studying Periodontology. This dentistry session includes surgical and non-surgical education, crown lengthening, gingivectomy, splinting, flap surgery, guided tissue regeneration, and bone and soft tissue grafting. The wide range of oral health education makes you highly knowledgeable about your field.

Moving towards the next section, prosthodontics, this section will include post and core build-ups. Including crowns, inlays, on lays, Bridgers, cast partial dentures, and complete dentures. And the specialty of beings a prosthodontist is that you will have the comprehensive know-how about the dental, and the advanced training will make you more experienced and add value to your profession.

Another topic that you will cover in this professional course is Endodontics. Endodontics is all about studying diseases and issues with the soft tissues inside a tooth. We will be teaching you about manual and rotary endodontics. Professors will be teaching about Isolation and rubber dum application. Once you get your hands on endodontics topics, you will be able to diagnose the exact tooth pain. You can perform root canal therapy. You will be able to give a detailed explanation of the treatment process. And most importantly, patients generally prefer to go to endodontics for root canal treatment as an endodontist has more experience and is more trained than a normal dentist.

This is not only it. Other than these four topics, you will also cover Orthodontics. Orthodontics is the study related to treating irregular positions of teeth and jaws. This session will include conventional orthodontics and invisible orthodontics.

Dentistry is a vast field related to oral treatment. It has numerous doctors called dentists and specialists in their areas.

Heading towards another section of this course that is Pedodontics. This is the field of dentistry that deals with the treatment of children’s teeth. In this session, you will be studying pulpotomy, pulpectomy, stainless steel crowns, space maintenance, fluoride treatment, sealants, and pediatric dentistry.

You will also be given the knowledge about oral surgery, including the details about exodontia and basic surgical skills. You will study making and closing an incision.

This is not the end. As said before, it is a professional course, so you will be taught all the things that are included in making an individual the best dental professional.

Implantology is another session that has another level of importance. You will know how to do the implant and abutment placement in this. Implant-supported bridges and dentures will also be covered.

Other than these you will be given some advanced skills. These skills will be including techniques of isolation, occlusion, TMDs and pain management, essentials of radiology, communication skills, and practice management. You will also be taught about treatment planning for healthy and immunocompromised patients and medical emergencies in a dental practice that includes CPR. We will teach you how to control infection and do dental imaging and radiation safety.

Last but not least, entrepreneurial skills will also be taught. All the practice management, HR, financial, and logistics management will be included.

All the alumni of our institute hold reputed positions in their respective fields. This course is not only named as a professional course but also includes all the main points that can make you a professional and skill complete.

Why waste time when you can be one of the next best dental professionals. Book your slot today and enjoy the course with the best teachers having humongous experiences.