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Our core group members have been instrumental in revision of national BDS curriculum; introduction of postgraduate programs in five universities; and introducing research culture in the country. The core members have won research grants of over 25 million rupees; sit on editorial boards of all major dental journals of the country; and have over 150 publications to their credit. 

Research related services.

Research culture in this country is at infancy stage in all branches of medical sciences and dentistry is no exception.


IADSR is a group of highly motivated individuals who have spent considerable amount of their professional lives planning and conducting research activities. 


IADSR assists potential researchers at all stages, starting with identification of an appropriate research question and taking it all the way to its publication. 


The services include: 

  • Research Proposals/Research projects
  • Peer review of projects/articles
  • Medical writing
  • Publication of Articles


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Evaluation of problems related to malpractice and professionalism in Islamabad area – A study 

In many developing countries of the world where dental health care facilities by college I university trained personnel are limited, or very expensive the poor segments of the society go to unqualified persons (known as quacks) to get dental treatment.

Oral Health Status of the elderly in Lahore district of Pakistan. 

Poor oral health among old aged people is an important public health issue and a growing burden to countries worldwide. In Pakistan, there is paucity of data available regarding the oral health status of the elderly. This study was aimed to describe oral health status of the elderly in Lahore district, by assessing the dental disease prevalence in the 60+ age group. The current study was conducted in Lahore district.

Uncompensated tooth loss in cardiac patients of Punjab Institute of Cardiology, Lahore. 

Cardiovascular diseases, a rapidly growing problem around the world; share 31% burden of 47% deaths due to non-communicable diseases in the Eastern Mediterranean region

Estimating the burden of head and neck cancers in the public health sector of Pakistan. 

This study was designed to establish the burden of head and neck cancers (HNCA) in public sector based cancer centres of Pakistan. Data were obtained from the central body governing all the cancer centres in the country.

Bidirectional relationship between chronic kidney disease & periodontal disease: A review 

Periodontitis have recently been labeled as an important potential risk factor for NCDs. CKD affect the oral health status of patients by inducing gingival hyperplasia, xerostomia, calcification of root canals and delayed eruption of teeth.

Development of community oriented curriculum (code) for dental colleges in Pakistan. 

Medical education is the foundation for establishment of a good health care system. It has undergone major transformation along with the change in concepts of health and disease. The important driving factors for this transformation in medical education are the rising costs and inequities in health care. Production of disease oriented physicians relying on high-tech clinical settings had been attributed to the traditional technology-based western model of medical education.

Does the use of tooth powder affect the oral health status of an individual? 

Role of oral hygiene products and devices are very important in our daily life for disease free oral cavity. Many chemotherapeutic dentifrices in the form of powder and pastes are available in the market with the claim of anti-plaque, anti-gingivitis and anti-staining etc. properties. To compare the long-term efficacy of tooth- powder with that of the toothpaste.

Microorganisms in recurrent aphthous stomatitis. 

Recurrent aphthous stomatitis is an inflammatory disease of oral mucosa with unknown etiology. Many factors contribute in the pathogenesis of aphthae including stress, trauma, foods, allergy, hormonal and microbial factors. It has been observed by Hoover CI (1986) that microorganisms are the causative factor in the pathogenesis of aphthous ulcer. This study was conducted with the aim to observe presence or absence of gram positive and gram negative microorganism in the smears of the lesions compared with the scraping of controls.


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