Professional development at our state of the art training centre.

Our Professional Diploma in Advanced General Dentistry is designed to take students beyond the scope of learning offered by undergraduate programs and transform them into complete dental professional, capable and confident in their ability to serve their communities and provide world class dental care to their patients.

Discover what makes our professional diploma so unique.

A History of Excellence

We were the first organisation to introduce professional development courses in Pakistan. Now in it’s 9th batch and with hundreds of successful graduates, our course has a proven record of success.

Research Driven

The PDAGD was designed in light of the largest dental education research ever undertaken in Pakistan. The 22 courses in this program help address the core competencies identified by the research as being crucial to the success of any practicing dental professional.

Exceptional Faculty

IADSR is proud of it’s very strong ties with the dental fraternity, we collaborate closely with all dental teaching institutions in the country; and our courses are taught by the very best national and international experts.

Purpose-Built Training Facilities.

Our state-of-art training center was established in 2015. Each participant is allotted a personal Nissin typodont set for the course and hands on workshops are conducted in a fully equipped dental simulation setup.


Become the complete professional, gain confidence in your skills, ability and knowledge.

Designed to provide general dental practitioners and fresh graduates with knowledge and skills beyond the highest standards accepted for undergraduate qualifications, the diploma consists of practical, theoretical and business courses designed to elevate and transform the students into holistic professionals capable of caring for their patients with confidence, utilizing the latest internationally recognised evidence based treatments.

Courses taught in the diploma
  • Occlusion
  • Communication Skills
  • Practice Management
  • Treatment of the medically compromised
  • Medical emergencies in dental practice
  • Basic surgical skills
  • Anterior and posterior composites
  • Endodontics
  • Bleaching
  • Clear orthodontics
  • Post and core buildups
  • Direct and indirect veneers
  • Infection control in dental practice

  • Fixed & Removable prosthodontics
  • Dental imaging and radiation safety
  • Casting partial dentures
  • Soft tissue management
  • Crown lengthening
  • Dental materials and pharmacology
  • Introduction to implants
  • Comprehensive treatment planning
  • Pediatric Dentistry
  • Soft tissue grafting
  • Isolation
  • Pain management
  • TMD’s and Splints therapy

Delivery & Duration

The certification course will consist of a total of 22 contact sessions over a period of 6 months offered on one weekend (Saturday and Sunday) each month.


Experts at educational development.

IADSR has provided consultancy to three universities to establish and stabilize undergraduate and postgraduate programs. It was the Lead consultant for University of Lahore in initiating and delivering their Masters in Medical Education program for the first four years of this program.

The University of Faisalabad was provided consultancy to upgrade their undergraduate program and document their postgraduate program; over the last six years we have been able to improve the ranking of University Dental College from 11th in Punjab to 2nd; we have also completed documentation for their MPhil programs.

Presently we are providing consultancy to Superior University to establish and stabilize Azra Naheed Dental College. 


Institute of Advanced Dental Sciences and Research

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